Hi, i was just wondering which pickup would be best to put into my guitar for playing hard rock or metal? And which is better active or passive? I was looking at a EMG81 or 85 and a EMG H4 or along that price range.

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check out duncan invaders
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What is your amp?

Look at Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB and SH-6 Super Distortion for bridge and SH-2n Jazz or 59' for neck.
active/passive? fully preferance. i personally like passives more, but metallica for instance uses actives. google it, do a research.
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Personally I don't like any of the pickups that you've listed.

but it's all down to your ears.

Oh and i recommend the Dimarzio D-Activators, DiMarzio Mo'Jo for passives and Seymour Duncan AHB-1/AHB-2 Blackouts for Actives.
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I have a roland 15X, and budget is round about 130.

...................................... If you must I'd stick with passive but not emg passives. The only way with that rig that you really need new pickups though is if you have some stock pickups that sound like total crap and you are getting no clarity and can't hear your notes good. If that's the case then yes a pickup change will make your playing a little more clear. But with that amp a pickup change will not change your tone really.
Actives like EMG 81/85 are great for metal sound but they are a one-trick pony. Passives will get you metal tones but also give you more rich sound for when you need it. I prefer the old Bill Lawrence which are now called Wylde for anything from classic rock to metal.
Seymour Dincan and DiMarzio will also have something in their ranges to suit you.
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Hokay I'm getting sick of all these pickup threads wherein the TS has an unresponsive little practise amp.
You blatantly don't understand how much things contribute to your sound. I suspect that you think a pickup swap will magically make your tone much better.
A pickup change won't make any difference through an unresponsive amp. Hell, many guitarists wouldn't notice the difference through a Plexi.
You have to save up for a new amp. I guarantee any problems you have with your tone are your amp at the minute.
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Well then what is a good amp to buy?

What do you want to play, how loud do you want to play it and how high can your budget go?