I need help! I'm trying to write a song to win a girl's heart back but I can't seem to get away from cliche's! I really want it to be good. Is there any advice for me that will help develop a good love song? I would prefer something thats not acoustic. Like you know how there's punk songs about a girl or whatever? They use electrics with distortion..I don't know how to explain it lol but she likes a more upbeat love song that has a nice metal sound. I know that. So that's what I'm trying to go for. I would like to avoid a "punk" sound though because she doesn't like that genre.

Sorry guys I'm wingin it as i go here with the typing lol. Anyways, I'm not really sure where to start. Everything I improvise comes out sounding evil haha. Any scales or chords that I can avoid this with?

The writing is the cliche part. How can I write love lyrics without being cliche? I write and then scrap, write and scrap. Because it's all stuff that is very corny and cliche. (Refer to "Punk-ish Love Song" in the songwriting section this is the song I just scrapped)

Thanks to all who can help out. Please don't close this for begging or my desperation its just important.
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it is hard to write a love song without being corny or cliche
if your struggling
write about things about her that are particurlar to her
or maybe write about her effect on you?
jsut throw a load of ideas onto a page and pick what you think sounds good
a cliche or crap line may sound alot better paired with another line

hope i'ev been some help
oh i didn't address the issue of the scales
major will seem brighter probably any major scale should be good
or maybe just fiddle with modes and occasional flatten notes if one sounds too dark
oh! good idea about the modes and notes lol. And yeah thanks. Funny thing is i never thought about her perticularly i just thought about what i wanna do to get ehr back and her affect on me. so yeah i think that will help alot
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Your guitar will be infinite. Far over 9000.