as stated in title im sellin my boss ns-2 noise surpressor its in perfect working order. a lil dirty from bein stepped on, but still in great condition. $60 paypalled and shipped

i also have a boss GE-7 graphic equalizer in better shape than the ns-2. could pass for new if it werent for the velcro and tiny paint chip. $55 paypalled and shipped.

prices are firm. no trades at this time. thanks.
also wanna add to the list

Emg SA w/ quick connect $45

22 fret charvel neck. reverse headstock and dot inlays for floyded guitar. no nut or tuners, just the neck $75

behringer rack eq. pro graph 3102. the leds work sometimes, but the sound works all the time. $60
pics of the neck?

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