I've just recently received the Inspire P580 from a friend. It came with the subwoofer and 5 speakers but no other cables other than the inbuilt ones that come from the 5 speakers.

The problem is that at the moment I can only use the sub and the FrontRight speaker. I am using a laptop that is connected to a TV by HDMI. The sub is connected to the TV via the headphone socket by a 3.5mm jack. The other end is currently plugged into the Front(green) 3.5mm jack audio input on the sub. When I have the cable like this all I can hear is the sub and the FrontRight speaker, and the FrontLeft speaker is VERY quiet. If I plug the 3.5mm jack into the Rear(black) audio input the sound only comes out of the sub and the RearRight (again, the Left is very quiet). If I put it in the AUX IN 3.5mm jack the same thing happens as the Front.

Now, I saw that I need to get a 5:1 audio cable, but I am using a laptop, so I do not have a sound card that has the 3 jacks on the exterior.

Is there such a cable that has the Green, Black and Orange 3.5mm jacks on one end and a single 3.5mm jack on the other? If so, what do you call it so that I can search it on the internet or to ask a shop assistant? (because if you type "5:1 audio cable" into google you get RCA cables not 3.5mm jacks)

Otherwise, would the 3to3 3.5mm jacks work if I plugged all 3 into the back of the sub and just one of the 3 on the other end into my TV?

If I buy this cable, will the Left speakers be louder?

How much does one of these cables roughly cost?

Any other solutions to my query much appreciated.