So i have a Marshall AVT50 and am playing a PRS CE22. I have a distortion pedal(OD-20), Phaser(p90script), Wah(dunlop crybaby), and an old rp50 that i use mostly just for the drum machine. What order should i put them in? I cant quite figure it out. It seems like i have them in the wrong order because my distortion seems a little off. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hey man,

As far as I know, the most common and approved pedal order is:

-guitar-wah-volume-distortion and overdrive(in order of amount of gain, low to high)-delay-modulation(i.e. chorus and phase and flange)-tremelo-reverb-amplifier...

So for you it would be your guitar to the Crybaby, to the OD-20, to the Phase 90, and finally to the multi-effects. If you have an effects loop, I suggest putting the multi-effects in there. Have fun!

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