i think i have a pretty good grasp of the subject when it comes to graphics and design and grabbing attention, but my band mates really dont get it at all! and we end having stupid arguments that we just laugh over later but its annoying

so obviously the logo needs to be clear and readable as well as artistic to some degree, and needs to represent the style of the music? we play kind of led zep meets qotsa kind of music and were mostly chilled out, upbeat, bright but with a dirty, grungy sound. pearl jam maybe? and my bandmates are coming up with death metal hardcore heavy all-black style logos! they dont understand the whole point..

they want stupid crappy photos everywhere that make us look ridiculously unprofessional and childish and i want an iconic logo that ties in with our sound

ALSO! were playing a string of pub and high school gigs this month and i think we need at least a quarter of the set as covers. were thinking of doing you know your right by nirvana to open, followed by 2 of our own, then an acoustic version of creep by radiohead, followed by another 2 of our own, and then finish with something like alive by pearl jam or everlong by foo fighters

the bassist thinks no one wants to hear covers and people at pub gigs are happy to listen to a full set of random music they dont recognize! surely people want a song they know, something that rocks to end the set with a bang?

help me out here, these guys dont seem to know anything about anything and im going insane!
you'll want covers in there, but you need a really strong live act more than anything, coz you need to keep their attention. so also, make sure your music is as good as the covers you are playing, if not better. and only do well known songs as covers, so that everyone can enjoy them.
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Covers are always a good thing, I love seeing a band do a cover, unless it's terrible...like three days grace (TERRIBLE BAND) trying to alice in chains rooster. Just tell them "hey we're playing at a bar, people are going to want to here music they know" which is true, people can get really rowdy and you don 't want that, so playing music that people know is always a good thing.

As for the logo..idk.
I think you're right by trying to make the band seem professional. Just talk to your bandmates and tell them that you really want to be in charge of the graphic design part of the band. Convince them that you guys need to look professional and that you can do a good job of that.

(Oh yeah, if you're going to do a Nirvana song, pick on that's more recognizable to people. Not that many people know "You Know You're Right". Maybe something else off of Nevermind. Sounds typical, I know.)
hell yeah covers are a good idea in a pub setting so long as it is not obscure and people are familiar with it we always try to pick songs that are not overplayed but are known eg not playing smells like teen spirit in favour of come as you are. Playing in bands and getting somewhere is a huge learning curb but like anything it gets easier with experience and perserverance
I agree with what you wanna do in the logo department.
Everybody has one of those hard to read blood splatter like logos, getting something unique is much better. The question is where would you put it?
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Your bassist is clueless - 90% of people in pubs want to hear covers, and there's no getting around it. That's why good covers bands get at least £150 - £300 for most gigs, while original bands mostly get nothing.

Also, if your music's any heavier then Motorhaed/ ACDC/ Deep Purple, you'll find it very hard to get an audience in pubs

As for the logo idea, sounds like you've got it figured. Is it you who does the design for your band?The 'eye' logo is excellent though I don't think Pricedown works that well for the text. Needs a bit more 'grunge' really.

But I agree fully, what bands don't seem to realise is that good design is more important than lots of b&w photos of the band standing by brick walls, looking moody....
Having a good professional looking logo and website is important if you want people to send time on it.

Professional Bands have professional looking stuff.