Yeah I'm getting pretty annoying with my threads but this is a question i've been wondering about for ages.. I have a Burswood Double Cutaway with 3 pickups, but i can't tell what each pickup is for.. Can anyone give me an idea of atleast which could be an echo? Because I have no idea.
I think you're messing something up here...
Pickups are the sort of 'microphones' that pick up the vibration from your strings, thus the sound coming from the amp.
Asking what theyre for... Well, thats your choice. Experiment.
If you want your guitar to make an "echo" noise, you can't just switch to a pickup. The only differences between your pickups are electronic, tonal, and EQ-related.

To make an "echo," you'll need to either buy a delay or reverb effects pedal or processor, or an amp with those features built in.
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