I've been playing for a few months and one thing i barely know is what Hammer Ons + Pull Offs are and how to do them
Play an e string at 5th fret using your first finger, an (a). Now do it again but straight after, bring your third finger down hard at the 7th fret (b). That's a hammer on. Get used to that then lift your third finger and you should get the (a) again, caused by the movement of your finger vibrating the string as you release. That's a pull-off. Now try the two repeated in quick succession to get a big vibrato effect.
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A Hammer-on is when you play one note, for example the 3rd fret on the E string, and then you hammer your next finger onto a higher fret, like the 4th fret for example. you do this without picking the string a 2nd time, the force of hammering your finger onto the next fret should be enough to make it ring out, you only pick for the first note.

A pull-off is the same, but the complete opposite (if that makes sense). For example, on the E string place one finger on the 3rd fret and one finger on the 4th fret just next to it, then pick the string (so you are playing the note on the 4th fret) then pull your finger off the string with a slight downwards motion, this pulling motion should cause the string to vibrate again and effectively play the 3rd fret without you having to pick the string again.

In tabs a hammer-on usually looks like this:

E|---3H4------ (pick the string for the 3rd fret, then hammer onto the 4th)

And a pull-off looks like this:

E|---4P3------- (pick the string for the 4th fret then pull your finger off to sound the 3rd fret)

Hope that helps
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I don't think i was hitting the string hard enough, i think that was my problem