hello all:p

I wrote this song the other day/night/day again, and it really started of as some lyrics with a same background structure on guitar only, as I wanted to keep things simple cause of the meaning of the lyrics, but then I slowly started changing some parts and adding a piano, but I still wanted to keep it quite simple, as it's still really about the lyrics

the lyrics are about what I had on my mind the other day, with my girlfriend breaking up with me recently and my grandfather passing away on monday..
I just was thinking about that and I tried to put everything together in some lyrics which to me make perfect sense this way but are open for interpretation

anyways, vocal melody is included in the files and lyrics are included in the GP-file by pressing F5, but if anyone without Guitarpro wants to check them out, here you can find them also:

Please check it out, leave a comment, and I'll be more than happy to crit you're stuff, just show me the link
Suicidal tendencies.zip
I only big thing I would suggest is that if you're going to use a piano, take full advantage of it. A piano can do a lot to a song, and there are a lot of parts here than can be played with one hand or would just in general be really boring to play, or be heard on it's own. Actually I would say the same about the strings too. But I have no other complaints, and the vocal melody is fantastic. I watched the music and hummed along with it the whole time. Do you intend on recording this?

C4C? Preferably Second Movement as it has the least feedback so far.
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Thanx for your comments, glad to hear my song is liked XD
and Macabre_Turtle, I guess your right, the piano is probably boring to play this way, but I was still trying to keep the music as simple as possible and not let anything else than the vocals/lyrics dominate the song, but I'm considering making another version of this song, maybe an instrumental to really focus on the melodies itself and stuff, cause the vocal melody is really giving a lot more ideas

and I'll crit your piece right away

ow, wolfinator-x, I left a comment for your stuff at your profile

And I do intend to record this piece, as soon as my buddy lends me his lame ass keyboard, so I can try some **** out on that
I can understand that. I've also simplified parts to make the vocals more important.
Make sure to post here and let us know if and when it does get recorded!
not bad. reminded me of Apocalypitca a lot! not something i'd listen to all the time but when i was in the mood, i'd definitely play it!

the piano parts seemed pointless when it was just hitting one note over and over. other than that it was a good song!
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