The Office is an amazing show.

I just got finished watching the rest of season 5 last week.

And now i gotta wait till' who knows when for the next season to air.

But yea, who likes The Office?

The American one btw...
what? i thought THIS was season 5?

yeah, it's good. best tv show right now (R.I.P. arrested development)
I love both.I've seen all the UK ones and season 1 and two of US.I love at the start of one of the episodes in season 2 where Michael's playing with a football.
I like it we watch it in my Graphic design class all the time.... and im stoked because i just got in my brand new GAYDAR!!!! lol
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I don't like it at all
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I liked the UK version, the American one seems so... dumbed down. No offence to anyone, btw. And there have been numerous Office threads.
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Btw!!!! Season 5 is NOT over! They're just having a mid-season break! There will be a new episode this Thursday!
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This Thursday?!?!?


Thank you so much for telling me, i thought episode 15 was the last one.
Oh yea, since watching The Office, i ALWAYS looks for "thats what she said" opportunities.
I love it.

I even have the calender.
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I absolutely love it. Season 5 has gotten progressively better, especially Episode 13, when Dwight fakes the fire, and cuts off the face of the dummy for his Hannibal Lecter. Amazing.
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great show
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I love the British Version, don't really like the American one to be honest, although I can see why others would find it entertaining.
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The Office > The Office.
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Never seen the British version, but I love Steve Carrell in the American "The Office".
i find it interesting, the difference between the uk and us one. i like the us one more, but thats cus im an american... the uk one seems so freakin r rated lol.