Im buying a new amp and came across preamps.
I don't know much about preamps and poweramps so my questions are;
Will these work together or will I need something else? And what are the pros/cons of buying a preamp and poweramp instead of buying a real amp?

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Well the plus is you can get new tones and creat your own unique style.

Drawbacks is can be more expensive (although it could be less depending on what you look at)

The device aren't designed for each other. That goes along with tone -- although it all depends on prefernace

It is a more complex set up that requries buying a rack to atach everything. Typically a head sits right on tup of its cabinet and ataches with one chord. with a power amp/preamp set up. yu need another chord and have more equpoiment to lug around. PLus you have to spen more time adjusting levels. between the preamp and the poweramp

The final benefit is, you can boost the preamp section very high and have the power amp low which allows for those better tube amp distortions.
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Okey, that sounds good.

I've been looking at some samples of the mesa preamp and it sounds really nice.
Do you think I will get these sounds using the cheap Rocktron poweramp?

The mesa preamp is really cheap compared to a mesa amp and thats just what I'm looking for.
In this situation, I'd say crank the volume on the poweramp and use the preamp volume, and master volume to control your overall level.
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The Rocktron Velocity 100 really isn't very good. The Mesa Studio pre is fantastic though. Most of the time, you'll want to match a pre of that caliber to a well rounded tube power amp. Probably the least expensive of which is made by Carvin (the TS100). Marshall, Mesa, Peavey, Egnater, VHT, Randall, and Soldano have all made rackmount tube power amps at some point or another.

As far as solid state power amps go, the Marshall Valvestate 8008 is pretty darn good, as are the Tech21 power engines. I've heard that the MosValve power amps are pretty good, but I personally haven't tried one so I can't comment there.

The significant advantage of rackmount stuff is the versatility. You could get a nice pre and a nice power amp, then later add effects processors, switchers, EQ's, noise reduction systems, two or three more pres, etc, etc, etc. Then you can (rather easily I might add) control the entire thing from a single Midi controller. One button and half of everything turns on, and the other half turns off. It's way easier to get an infinitely versatile rig with rackmount stuff than with more traditional rigs.

On the downside, the cost usually ends up being a bit more. There is more miscellaneous crap you have to buy (cables, washers, a rack case, etc), you have to put a lot more work into assembling everything, and when you get it put together you still have to program it.
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