Im planning on purchasing a pedal for blues soon to run through my tele and ive narrowed it down to two choices. Its either the behringer bo100 or the bad monkey. Which one would you guys recommend? Any other alternatives for around the same price?
bad monkey > then behringer big time...don't buy a behringer. Howeveryou might want to look at a boss blues driver, especially if you get a keeley modded one.
The gear:

* Epiphone Les Paul Custom
* Schecter Jeff Loomis Signature 7 String
* Fender Squier P Bass
* Blackstar Stage HT-60
* Original Crybaby
* EHX Small Clone
* Boss DD-3
Well, you're not really going to get a lot of choice (or a lot of good choice), but I'd say the Bad Monkey.

100%EDIT: ^^I was going to say Blues Driver because I have one, but it seems a bit out of his price range.