Ok i might look stupid or ignorant but please dont be too harsh i'm a beginner in guitar gear so...

I want to know more about distortion pedals
Why to use a distortion pedal with and good amp such a marshall (or i'm just ignorant and it's only use with bad amp)???

Also if its so good should i buy one?
( i currently have a little marshall mg15cd but i'm gonnna change soon for something bigger)

Ps I'm NOT stupid, just ignorant
Basically, because a good amp can't make the sound you desire or you want more from what it currently has. It's all about what you like and need and how you can improve it. A Distortion pedal, say a Metal Muff can do those metal aspects my amplifier normally couldn't so I bought it.

I'd recommend getting a tube amplifier so pedals do a better job than just another Solid State.
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Well for example the VK sounds ...idk how to explain it...somehow closed, too much bass and too little treble... I tried everything but distortion still sucks for what I play (pop-punk,punk rock,alternative(mostly originals tho)). So I got a BBE Crusher distortion that does what I want. It's clear, has a EQ on board, gain and volume control. Everything I need. it was 100€ but it was worth it.
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Distortion pedals are used to replace the amp's own distortion. You use this when the amp's own distortion doesn't please you, simply put. Distortion is hard signal clipping, and is a completely artificial effect (even if the pedal is analog and not digital, distortion by it's very nature is artificial).

Overdrive pedals are used in addition to the amp's existing distortion. They're used to drive an amp harder to achieve softer signal clipping, and this is a natural effect you get when driving a tube amp hard.

Fuzz is the same as distortion, except it clips the signal even harder for a real 'wall of noise' effect. However unlike distortion, lots of people use fuzz on top of the amp's own distortion.

There's no technical reason why you should pick amp distortion, a distortion pedal, and overdrive pedal or fuzz. All can be just as subtle or as heavy as you want. It just comes down to what kind of tone your ears prefer listening too.
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