i really like high end ibanez's but i hate trems, i need something for around 1200 dollars, no FR, that would be good for metal, not to think but not thick neck, thanks for your help UG
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Esp Ec-1000

EDIT: Oh **** those have FRs sorry

no they don't there's a few with FRs, but there are others without FRs

EDIT: no FR http://www.guitarcenter.com/ESP-LTD-Deluxe-EC-1000-Electric-Guitar-516629-i1149002.gc

with FR: http://www.guitarcenter.com/ESP-LTD-EC-1000-FR-Electric-Guitar-527000-i1427030.gc
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hmmm....really... I thought they all did

thank you guitar center. first and probably the last time i'll say that... XD
id probably look into the RGA, FR, Mick Thompson sig, Joe Satriani hardtail, but here in Canada those get pretty expensive, maybe 1400-1500.

If your not playing really heavy metal looking into the Ibanez Artcore "Custom" hollowbodies would be good. Even the cheap hollowbodies are pretty good.

cruise the website and find something u like than try it out.