okay so after deleting the last thread, I have yet another question for the pit.

A program that i am most likely going to be tampering with is a very expensive program. Basically any tampering with the program will alert the company and then the the police arrive shortly thereafter. Now if the computer you are using to tamper with the program is not connected to the internet or any network, then is it still possible for the program to contact the company? Personally this seems kinda dumb even to ask, but it's a safety precaution. I don't want to go to prison or anything. lol.
don't do it if you're not sure.
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is it still possible for the program to contact the company?
I know programs can send information when it crashes.

K I guess mods are k with this thread, in that case unplug your internet cable then experiment, if it doesn't work out then restart your PC before you plug your cable back in

OR backup everything, experiment, if it fails format everything
Yes, the program takes over your computer, grows legs and hauls ass to the nearest pay phone (which it will hot wire) to phone the company and report you.

Don't be ****ing stupid.
Of course it can't send info if you're not connected. But it might well send it as soon as you recconect.
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What program are you going to try to tamper with?

and why?!
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why would the thread be deleted? it's just a honest question. If this thread gets deleted for stating that i may or may not do something illegal, then the drug thread should be deleted. It's not like i'm asking for help doing it, just if i would get boned if i did.
Yeah what exactly are you tampering with? And do you hope to achieve world domination by doing this?
I love when people make topics like this. Decisions that could result in jail time, of COURSE ask the UG board!
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