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how does the pit like playing guitar, above the belly button or down to your knees
i play mine low but not stupidly horrible mistake making low and do a powerstance. then i go crazy when i solo

EDIT:stupid pics do as i command
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I'm somewhere in between those.
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Powerstance or legs close together and leaning back a bit. And my guitar is down to my waist.
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I wear my guitar like a necklace
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Guitar about waist high, left leg in front and right leg close behind in anchored posture cos I have to sing too.

EDIT: Kinda like this:

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I have it so bridge is about level with my hip
I used to wear it slightly higher though, but i found bringing it down was easier on the picking hand, slightly worse on the fretting though
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Pelvic area, and Morello needs his guitar that for some of that crazy **** he does with it...
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I pretty much stand like that Slash pic.

Legs apart, leaning back with the guitar just below the belt and angled upwards.
I like to anchor my arm one the guitar, acoustic i have it about where it would be if i was sitting, electric a little lower.

Stance though, I change it depending on the style.
Guitars normally slightly above waist level - though when I play my Ric I have it quite low. I dont really have a stance as I move about so much when I play.
bridge at my hip
i used to have it a little lower but i didnt no my strap could get shorter till like 2 weeks ago
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this was me last year..

i jammed out to try and get a nice profile pic.

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for solos i lift it up... i never really use my legs as balance
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It's still hard for me to reach the higher notes though, I just stick it on my knee and activate star power for when I solo though.

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kinda like this

This is how i play. I move around a lot while playing so I have no idea about my stance.
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this was me last year..

i jammed out to try and get a nice profile pic.

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To contribute: mine is right above my belt at my lower stomach. some people say its high but its comfortable to me so ****'em
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Leg are like Steve Harris, one foots ontop of something, and my bass is just above my knees.
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I like it high.

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#33 guitar is like, sooooo high right now...

But really, I have it more or less around the stomach area, as horizontal as possible without it hurting. I tend to sort of lock my legs in a cowboy stance, it helps my playing for some reason.
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I was told I wear my guitar like The Beatles.

That's high.

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Momie's like not even a real person, just an asian, lesbian spirit.
Around the waist, below my belly button.

Stance changes through all the Slash poses, to the Clapton lean and back to statue :P
My bass is pretty low, but that's mainly due to me not being able to part with my strap (had it 10 years), even though it is far too long. No idea about stance, but I always try to have my back to people
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High but not like Lennon. I used to have it low but it killed my left wrist so I tend to have the middle of the back of the guitar just above my (lowish) belt. Oh and fastening the belt at the side prevents damage.
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Usually my guitar is in height with my theigh (spelling?) and the neck I lean about 45 degrees.
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