I'm in a doubt. My plan is to buy a new guitar. My budget is €600 ($750).

I have my eye on the Epiphone G-400 Custom. A 3 pickup guitar in Antique Ivory color with gold hardware, it's a beauty. And, it has good reviews. It costs €325 ($400). My plan is to change the pickups (Starting with the Bridge, then the Neck and maybe the Middle) form the stock pickups to Seymour Duncans. This, including the guitar, will probably cost €600.

But, there's also the Epiphone Les Paul Custom. It costs €600.

Here's my question: G-400 custom with Seymour Duncans or Les Paul Custom with stock pickups?

I'm going to play Rock to Pop to Punk to Metal to Blues, a couple of different styles. Think Fall Out Boy, Editors, Green Day, Rise Against, stuff like that. For Metal: System Of A Down, In Flames, DevilDriver.

Oh, and people who own one of these two guitars, tell me something about them!
Don't upgrade a guitar you don't own yet.

That said i'd go for the G-400. Stock.

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g-400 sounds like a better deal,i would much rather prefer the LP, sg's just feel too tiny to me.
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Don't upgrade a guitar you don't own yet.

That said i'd go for the G-400. Stock.

That would be pretty hard, wouldn't it?
I'd go for a different brand.

Epiphone pickups are junk and their "custom" models aren't closely enough related to their Gibson counterparts to be worth the money.
I believe there's four points to be made here.

Firstly, based on my experiences with both Epi LPs and Epi SGs, I wouldn't bother with the SG. I owned one previously, sold it and I wouldn't buy one again - there was just too much neck dive to the point where it physically hurt to play. On the other hand maybe I just got a particularly bad one, or maybe I'm just too used to very heavy-bodied guitars.

The second thing is that third pickup on the SG is really a downgrade. You're actually getting less tone options, as well as reducing your sustain.

The third thing is neither the G-400 Custom or LP Custom are made any better than the regular G-400 and LP Standard. You're just paying extra for the cheaply gold plated hardware that rubs silver within a couple of months.

The fourth thing is you really shouldn't think about doing stuff like upgrading pickups until you've actually got the guitar in your hands and you've played it for awhile. Even if the tone isn't quite up to par, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the fault of the pickups. Tone is dictated more by amp anyway.
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for €600 you could get an epi les paul ultra, epi les paul prophecy ex or gx, epi sg400 with emg's, sg propehcy ex or a gibson sg special with 3 single coils
Thank you all so much for the information. I will definitely take this into consideration when choosing my next guitar. More information is always welcome!