i played a hughes and kettner amp when i was in switzerland once, and it was gorgeous... but i can't remember if it was a switchblade. and why does noone ever mention H&K?

i'm not sure about this amp... it sounds really great, but there must be a catch?


check out the "test drive" thing under the description.
Some people describe the sound as very digital, last time I played a switchblade I was very statisfied with it. Couldn't hear the digitality other people hear, but what do I know... I'm pretty sure that all the hype around the digitality is just because of the inbuilt FX and the elitism of some guitarist...

H&K amps are pretty unknown outside of germany, thats the reason noone ever mentiones them.
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I've been quite a fan of H&K for many years now. One of my good friends uses a Triamp for everything he does and I considered the Switchblade long and hard before finding a deal on a Soldano.

Regarding the Switchblade, the title of "All tube" is a little misleading. The preamp section is very similar in operation to the preamp section in a hybrid like the Marshall AVT (but way better). The power amp section is a tried and true, born and bred tube power amp section though. I rather liked the Switchblade when I've had opportunities to fool around with one. VERY versatile. The range of tones is quite fantastic. It is it's own amp though, not a modeler. It won't nail a Fender Twin clean tone, a JCM800 crunch tone or an SLO lead tone, but it will give you an excellent range of tones from squeaky clean to over the top distortion.
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Noone mentions them around here? Check this out:

The Switchblades are nice, yeah. The "catch" you are talking about might be that it is not all-tube - there are ICs in the signal path. But honestly, who cares? The damn thing still sounds as good as any other amp in it's price range and it's versatile as hell. Are you thinking about buying one?
alright. sounds very cool. i might. i'm really not sure on much at the moment.

i was wondering because Alex Lifeson from Rush has his own sig. H&K amp. as well as many other quite known guitarists.

the amps i want are so much money though... i know i really liked H&K but i've also highly considered a Mesa. and i'm in no position to buy a used amp. i'm just getting to the point where i really need to get a new head.

is the Trilogy good? that looks like a great amp too. and for a reasonable price.
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Yeah, the Trilogy is basically a cheaper TriAmp. Imo the difference isn't too big. If you like the TriAmp, you'll also like the Trilogy.

By the way, the Alex Lifeson signature amp is just a TriAmp with his name on it.

EDIT: It's a very versatile amp. Chances are you won't need that much versatility. If you only play one style of music most of the time, there might be better (or cheaper) options.
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I played one, wasnt my cup of tea.

It was a great amp tough by the way, really nice sound and all but just not the amp for me.

I wouldnt understand how anyone could say the amp sounds digital, if you ask me its total bull****.
ah... the trilogy sounds like a really sweet amp... i'm thinking that's what i'd like. i play progressive rock/metal, hard rock, jazz, and rock. would i get everything I need?

yeah. i figured that. but i must admit, his name is pretty cool! :P
that amp i played in switzerland i mentioned above, i think was a trilogy or a triamp. just from looking at more pictures of amps lately. i only tried the clean chanel, but it was amazing.

i think the trilogy is the amp for me. thanks very much guys!

i'd love to try it, but it's one chance in thousands that i can play on a good head here. and i'm not planning on traveling for a good while. the only thing better than my spider 3 150 has been a marshall 40th anniversary. most people use combos, and even those here are normally crap.

EDIT: Does the Trilogy take pedals well?
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I played one and I thought the effects sounded poor and the highest gain channel was just noise. The 128 bank storage is seductive but in the end, who's going to utilize all of it? I'd rather get a 1x12 Bogner Alchemist. Those are fine amps.
The switchblade rules. I borrowed michael wiltons (queensryche) switchblade for a show once and it sounded great..the onboard effects sound pretty good actually. He's got like 30 of those mothers in storage haha

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thanks, Simon? :P that was a good idea.

I just thought of this... Are Hughes and Kettner amps in 220 because they're European? I would need it in 110.
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They also make versions with 110V, for the non-European market. If you ever happened to get your hands on a 220V version, you'd just need an adapter to transform the 220V to 110V. Pretty much every store that sells electronic stuff stocks them.

But you most likely will only find 110V versions in Saudi Arabia anyway.
Everywhere except the USA is 220. but our house and most of our compound is 110. and i have converters but i'd prefer not to use them.

I'm not buying this here. i wish... i'm ordering it online. you can't get heads anywhere in saudi arabia. i was thinking of ordering it from thomann.com. but i'm having second thoughts. if i order from a dealer in the USA, there'll be no problems. but the UK would be just as easy as the USA.
it's just one more thing on the floor. i've had bad experiences with them. and when i eventually move back to the USA, i hope to still have this amplifier. and also, the rest of my compound and places where i gig are 110V.

i've found this dealer in the USA. http://www.musiciansbuy.com/Hughes_Kettner_Trilogy_All_Tube_100_Watts_Amplifier_with_Free_TRILOGYKIT.html it's a bit more expensive, but i suppose that's to be expected.

I"m not shipping it directly from an internet dealer. however, that may be a good idea. i have a shipping company which i have used many times before that will ship relatively inexpensively to saudi arabia. i only need to have the internet dealer ship to them. either in the USA or the UK. and they ship it to me.