I Have to decide this tonight which amp do you guys thin i should get

Mesa Nomad 100 head

Mesa DC-5 head

I Play rush and dream theater a lot so being able to go from clean to an overdrive or clean to a shredding lead tone is important. i like a unique sound and i'm getting rid of my peavey vtm 60 to finance this would these amps cover JP and AL?

thanks Cheers!
I'm not too familiar with both of those to actually comment on them in terms of versatility (this is more a GG&A question), but have you seen/considered the new Mark V?
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yeah i would if i cold but its too expensive it looks so sweet tho
DC-5, You'll never get a chance to crank the other one...

They sound pretty similar, as do most mesas, but we love 'em!
Both could easily cover the sounds you're going for.
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