i just sat and wrote stream of consciousness like
of course it means something, everything does
this just happens to be a bit more convoluted to those who arent me

fire ants to water spiders air raids to earthworms
narrate the birth of a tin plated golden child
hold the smile attack alacrity actors
fresh out the faker factory with acrid accurate slackers
i am skin and bone, i am tin and chrome, i am sin and poem
but as an artist whether i grin or groan at least i'm honest
i let a cloud of smoke be my outer cloak and sock puppet
took normalcy and stuck my c*ck up it - freedom f*cking octuplet
clone of every stone and rock stuck in the clockwork
painted the springs and cogs orange, hence the lincoln log origin
warped now is light which pours from every orifice
because my head is scarred from every bend in the credit card
just another leaden bar in the pupil
just another page in the file cabinet, sages smile at this vile habit
cause i'm a gimmicky urchin merchant of mimicking tourniquet surgeons
urging the needle in to put ink in the pages skin
vacuous vapid vacuum wh*re, lying face down on the bathroom floor of the temporary tattoo store
writings a pill habit: do sixteen bars then spit em back up
i rock a mic on stomping grounds of troglodytes
my mouth is a pocket knife my tongue is made of metal and rock
and yeah i could bite it but id rather wear an edible sock
and i make art of this as a part of my artifice nautilus fingers with saturn rings as irises
sinuses frigid eyes glossy and glazed
from albatross in a blade
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Dude, I don't really have much to say, other than that:

A) This was freakin' awesome.
B) This sounds just like something Edan would do.

But yeah, this was fantastic!
"i am skin and bone, i am tin and chrome, i am sin and poem"
I love that line, Really good work
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Quote by bass-boy-garith
well done mr. kiss my bass, well done
I love that, it flows so amazingly off the tongue as well.
Just the sheer randomness of is all is the best bit, and how it flows exactly like one stream of conciousness