Yes and no.

Yes as far as the sound goes. No depending on what scale you're using.
like if you want to play in c# i know that its C# G# C# etc. so would "db" be a higher note?

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It's a Yes for everything.

I think Free is talking about the fret positioning. That varies the sound.
They are the same frequency and sound the same, but are used in different contexts.
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Yes there are. They are enharmonic tones. Depending on what key you're in, you'll call them by their respective name (i.e if you're in A major, you'll call it C# and if you're in Fb major, you'll call it Db)
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But yea. C# is the Equivalent to Db.
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Same notes
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yep, the sound the exact same, but when music started a billion years ago, they were actually different notes with different frequencies, but then they sounded really alike and when they made the piano, there were too many keys, so they decided no one could really tell the difference or care about it so they assigned it to the same key. So nowadays, they are the same.
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