I want a quilted maple top, well I think I do. And while you are here, tell me your opinion, purple ash strat (see-thru finish to see wood grain) or purple quilted maple top alder strat. All with gold hardware. I like my ideas.
top: PM LP Addict or nuthinbuttrubl8 and ask if they have anything to sell.

Purple: Maple top would be my preference.

important to mention this is my first build and alder is only 10 bucks cheaper than ash, so if the maple top is less than 50$ i'd be very happy.
Talk to phil, (nuthinbuttrubl8) he has good prices
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sounds sweet. imagine it with a maple board to go with the gold hardware.

this has chrome shiz, but you can get the basic idea from it.

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ash is a more dense wood = alittle tougher to work, depends on what sound/ look you want the most.