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i've got a Seymour Duncan sh-2n, $50 shipped (in the 48 states).

pictured in my guitar here,


Bump for good and prompt seller. I would buy this in a second if I wasn't saving up for an EQ pedal. Maybe you'll still have it by the time I buy the EQ and have enough for it then ha, but I doubt it. Good luck!
bump. willing to trade pickup + $ for an ISP decimator or ibanez TS9.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
nice geetarr,,

free bump
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nvm I miss read lol sorry (why can't we just edit posts)

We can actually
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6. You just checked it.
7. Now you're having a lil smile.

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We can actually

would you like to edit that post ?
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.