i try to tune to drop d(dadgbe right?) but when im finished tuning it is not in tune, so i tune the guitar to itself and it takes itself to dgcfad. when im tuning i leave each string around the note(i don try to get to the green light in my tuner, i leave it somewher near) is that a problem, i have a korg ga or ca 30 the black one
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Have it in EADGBe

Tune down the E until it sounds the same as the D string. but one octave lower?
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also i think you have a chromatic tuner (i didnt check your tuner out)

those are really bad at tuning. and yes you should get it green lol. otherwise it would be a wrong tuning

the korg ones go green when youre somewhere near the note, make damn sure it's exactly the right note
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When tuning to D, tune it flat, then tune it back to a normal D. So Down then tune back up.

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also i think you have a chromatic tuner (i didnt check your tuner out)

Theres nothing wrong with chromatic tuners...
Also TS, does your guitar have a trem? If it does and it is floating (even just a little bit) the other strings will go out of tune.
You can get it to the exact right note but it is gonna stray from that a bit my tech has told me there is no such thing as a guitar that is always perfectly in tune
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the black one is the chromatic tuner. So, make sure you're tuning to the right notes and nail it on that green. Lethal dosage is right, you're almost never going to be completely in tune due to intonation (unless you have a buzz fieghten [sp?] tuning system or an earvana nut or that wierd compensated fret set up), but nail it on the green, or you'll notice that you're out of tune.
for dropped D, you should tune DADGBe. You should be able to set your tuner to those specific notes. Also, what kind of guitar is it?
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If you play the 7th fret on the low E string and make it so when you play that it sounds the same as the next highest open note and don't change any other strings... yeah.