I've been thinking about this for a long time. I want to start an improvisation band.
Just a band that makes their songs up at the moment by epic coöperation.

do you guys think its possible and/or people would be curious to listen to it ?


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it depends. if the songs are like 12 minutes long, than no. but if you keep em under 3 minutes, i'd give em a listen
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Could be fun. I guess it depends if it sounds good.
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For it to not be **** you'd have to constantly jam with each other over and over again and not give up at the beginning when it is ****... because it almost certainly will sound terrible.
I jammed pretty consistantly with a few guys for a couple of years and it took us that long to be able to freestyle anything other than just noodling.
If this is only a spare time project, not serious, drugs will help because you'll think you're great even if you suck
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Jazz groups do it all the time. Granted, they have a principle melody or theme which they work with and around, but the basic premise remains the same.

To be a good jam band you gotta know your chops, have a very good ear, and have body language and eye to eye coordiantion with your band members and you need to practise a lot.
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Yeah do it.

It's a lot of fun. Just play a jazzy riff and let the bassist and drummer come up with something while you and another guitarist jam with it taking turns to solo.
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It's called Jazz. Play it. have fun.
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Just remember, if you can't come up with anything new right away, play something you've already come up with for a short time until you think of a new thing to play. Your band could be known as The Spin Cycles.

It's crazy the things you can come up with when you improv. My band on valentines day went from a slow jam, to funk, to ska, to metal, back to a slow jam. Varying genres keeps things interesting.
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