I wrote this huge thing in this other end of the world thread. but it looks like its dying pretty fast. i was wondering if people thought my story is accurate or slightly accurate. its pretty imaginative so it might be kindof too much but w/e lol. anyways, tell me what you think, am i accurate, over the top, or not enough.lets see how my predicitve imagination skills hold up lol.

here goes...

oh and btw, wall of text alert....

Global warming, polar caps melt, animal and vegetation species die. The Earth gets hot, grungy and toxic with our gases and wastes. Issues progress.

Power struggles between, oil and other valuable Earth deadly problems take place.

Blind anger takes over, all political hell breaks loose. The avalanche has started.

Small wars begin and quickly flare up. They will grow much larger on an exponential rate...

Much larger wars erupt, countries will fall, millions and millions of people will die.

Famine takes place on a massive global scale, more people will die.

Numerous infectious diseases will develop and spread, again, more people will die.

Leaders secretly start exterminating their own people, as they cannot take care of them and fear an imminent uprise as retaliation from their neglect.

Hundreds and hundreds of civil wars around the world will fight against their leaders, more deaths.

Sooner or later, destructive anarchy sets in. Governments are almost absent. People live on their own, and more of them die.

Eventually, MAD develops between lands, as governments only care about destroying their opponents instead of protecting their people. A single, massively colossal global war develops. Armies kill everything that isn't them. Chemical and biological weapons are used quite frequently in large proportions. The atmoshpere is riddled with missiles travelling to other lands. Death tolls rise incredibly high. Billions are dead.

Finally, nuclear weapons are launched. Hundreds and hundreds of them, obliterating countries and territories. Survivors are scarce; approximately two to four million spread around the world. Some leaders are alive, as they hide in their shelters. Many other leaders are dead, as they were not so lucky. Annihilation has taken it's toll. The Earth is having it's own cyanosis. The atmosphere is thick and harsh with black pollutants; sunlight is a dream of the past, the very air humans breathe is nothing less than deadly, abruptly preventing any form of life to be born. Oceans, seas and lakes are dubbed the dark caustic baths of the Earth; natural water is seen as a dark, viscous and deadly fluid. Obtaining clean drinking water is impossible, most have to drink the water by filtering it through whatever they can find and boiling it. Most find ways to distill it, but the resulting amounts are very little and still contain pollutants, such as the omnipresent radiation and chemicals released from the water through the evaporation process. Nuclear fallout spreads like lice over a dirty child's scalp.

Many of the survivors die from injuries related to the final blows of MAD. Most of them die from radiation poisoning. Diseases are still present, taking many more lives. Acute suicidal desperation invades the mind of anyone who sees no hope and does not wish to live, despite their miraculous survival. Famine is the main cause of death as very little food can be found in the rubble of the now called ''past civilisations''. Most of it having gone bad, or being slow-cooked by the avid radation that attached itself to everything. Most survivors would rather die of hunger than to eat food that has been infected with bacteria or peppered with deadly doses of nuclear fallout. Anyone, including world leaders, hiding in a shelter eventually exhaust their supplies and die either in their shelter or outside looking for supplies. Most of the soldiers involved in the war are dead. Those who are alive chose to desert only to realise that they are the same as the others: mere humans, exposed to the same situations and faced with the same difficulties of survival.

After the never-ending effects of famine and water deprivation, the numbers are down to the thousands. Reproduction is useless; either a woman dies giving birth to a dying baby or a woman dies giving birth to an already dead baby. Famine and dehydration are impossible to counter. Many resort to eating and cooking the dead bodies as there is no animal or vegetation life whatsoever. In increasingly more frequent cases, some resort to killing other people for food.

The population quickly continues to drop as famine, dehydration, disease, radiation poisoning, cannibalistic killings, plague-like toxicity as well as other factors, continue to run their apocalyptic course.

The only somewhat healthy humans reside in the inernational space station. Space to Earth communication is futile, as the thick atmosphere prevents any electromagnetic waves from penetrating it. Considering their unknown amount of fuel, their general unreadyness to launch, the thickness of the atmosphere, and the absence of a proper landing surface, they are stuck in space. Slowly exhausting their supplies, dazing at that black sphere of death they used to call home.

The population is considered absent, it is presumed only a few hundred people are left. Nothing is left, life is almost absent. Free-roaming disease is now absent as bacterial organisms cannot survive in the harsh environment of planet Earth, not even cyano-bacteria can survive in the extreme elements. The only bacteria left resides in human hosts, which are barely alive. Global temperatures are 40 to 50 degrees Celsius as the thick atmosphere traps any gases from escaping and the churning chemical oceans continue to rage hot chemical reactions with surrounding substances. The Earth is a mix of dry, toxically irradiated land, deadly chemical waters and almost unbreathable over-polluted air.

The human race is totally absent. No living organism is present. It is presumed that eventually the massive amounts of chemicals on Earth will neutralize themselves and the global temperature will very, very slowly descend over a few hundred years. And a new ice-age will begin. This time however, nothing will live after it.

The numbers might be slightly innaccurate. I left out most notion of time, to make it a brief overview of what would happen.

Any questions?
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