Here's a song I've been working on a lot over the past week or so.
It is an anti-war song and is inspired by many different types of music. Give it a listen, C4C as always.
The End.zip
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i like the laid back feel in the beginning, but i think you should chill out on the repeats

and i think the the interlude made a great transition into the intense part, which sounds great too.

and the solo was pretty bomb too.

and i guess on the whole, it gets a 8.5/10

sounded pretty cool, i liked the core-ish riffs from verse 2, and really liked the harmonized guitar parts in bridge 2. the chorus riff was pretty awesome too
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ill crit as i go

the intro a carries on a bit too long for me, but it sounds good.

The intro b after that is nice too.

The verse kinda hypnotises you after a few repetitions :P very nice

The B part is nice too.

The bridge's lead sounds like something from the twilight zone xD

the second verse is nice. Its also a nice change of pace from the first.

The chorus is catchy too.

The pre-solo builds up nicely to the solo, but, in my opinion, the solo would sound better over a different set of chords. Probably something kinda heavy and melodic. But the current solo is really good too. Some nice licks in there and more bends than i normally use xD

Some nice basslines throughout the song, too.

Second bridge is waay better than the first. I like the drums in harmonised pedal pointed riff. Nice double-bass

Towards the end gets a little proggy with all the time sigs but not much. The end could be a little bit stronger maybe?

Really nice song overall. Loved the second bridge and the solo the most i would say.