I have learned E A D power chords, E A D G C major chords, E A D minor chords, E A D G C dominant chords, and learned how to move most of them up the neck using barre chords. I'm still fairly slow at finding them, and I occasionally miss a note if I try to move between them. Should I keep practicing them and not learn anything else until I have mastered them? Should I try to learn a simple song using these chords? I don't really know where to go from here. Thanks.
try to learn a simple song using those chords, so that you have something fun to do besides just boring drills, but at the same time, it's all part of practice, practice, practice.
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I would start finding some songs to play. It sounds like you have learnt more than enough to play a few songs. You will find by playing more songs you will improve quickly and learn new chords and techniques. I couldn't even play the songs I now use to warm up with when I first started playing.