Alright, so I've been shopping around for a while looking at all types of cabs. So far it's looking like B-52 ST-412 280W 4x12 Guitar Cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30s is my best option. It is 600 bucks plus another 70 shipping which blows but o well. I'm wondering if there are any cheaper cabs would still work well in comparison.

A 4x12 is really what I am looking for. Necessarily, I don't really need one, but I do a lot of shows where my speaker set up is the only thing projecting my personal volume so.......
an avatar 4x12 is only 579 bucks

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Head and Cab for $130? You don't need a head and cabinet, you need a psychological examination.
Depending where you live, check craigslist for used Marshall cabs, I have seen good 1960 cabs for around 400 bucks, some even cheaper.
either go used or avatar might be like 50 bucks cheaper depending on the speakers...