Not bad for 6 months considering you've had no teacher too.

Try leaving more space in your solos ("it's not about what you play, it's about what you don't play"). Try learning some licks for your trick bag as well and repetition always works good in solo i.e. a brief lick repeated 2 to 3 times. Get some bends in there as well and some long held notes. Vibrato too...can't stress how important it is to get enough vibrato in a solo.

Just try and generally mix it up a bit.

Oh and put your leg down.
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Oh and put your leg down.

ha thats exactly what I was thinking.

Anyways its pretty good, not AMAZING, but good especially for 6 months. I didn't start improvising till at least a year
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Not bad for a self taught! Also I was wondering if your supposed to be Captain Morgan? With the leg pose and all. I see everyone else was thinking the same also.
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haha thats crazy i used to do the same thing with my leg, exact same leg and exact same pose as you when i first started playing guitar.....felt comfortable for some reason but i got over it...anyways thats pretty good for only being 6 months, your alot farther than i was at six months!
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thanks i dont usually do the leg thing but for some reason i did it for the video. when i watched it i was like