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Does anyone have any experience of this amp?

Hi Phil, never owned one but I did try one out in our local store; must admit I was impressed but the bad press that they were receiving made me put my card away. I've recently purchased the Ashdown Little Giant 1000 which I'm very pleased with. Completely silent and plenty of power although the EQ does take a little getting used to, they're going for around £300 GBP in the UK.
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They seem fun, it seems people who like big heads, and have easy travel hate them, while bassists, who have to lug there stuff through citys and on trains love them, i love the digital idea, you can save presets cant you. I think Aidy Damage used to own one.
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I did indeed use one live for a while- they're rather nice, yes. The Little Giant series are really cool, too- I didn't really use much of the programming stuff because I just have the one 'smiley face' tone that I then have a distortion pedal going into it. I remember it being really good, though.