So i have at the moment, Boss TU-2 Boss ODB3, Boss CEB3 and Boss SYB5.

I only have two power supplies. I got a daisy chaining lead that connects to the TU.

It says in the TU though, that it can't take more than 200 milliamps. So if i chain the other three pedals through the TU, wht are the odds of it going over 200 milliamps if i have them all on, turned up full at the same time.

Also, if it goes past 200 milliamps, what happens. Does it just cut out, or does it fry?
Whats the amperage of the power supply?
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9V/200milliamps from what i can tell. Its the regualr Boss PSA adaptor like. Im guessing that if the supply only gives 200 milliamps then i should be okay yes?
The safe bet would be to go get a One Spot adapter, but you should be alright with that as long as you don't use the synth and distortion at the same time.
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weel aym i have two PSAs and 4pedals, so im running the TU and chaininf the overdrives and chorus. and im using the other PSA for the synth. So i guess im safe?
ah good

Im also thinking of getting a delay or phase shifter as my next pedal. Anyone have experience of them with bass, specifically the boss ones?