I wrote a riff and I really need a solo. I want it to be Ac/Dc inspired with a minor pentatonic solo. I don't want you to write a solo for me I just need some tips on Angus Young solo techniques. Also, the chords I use are B,D,A, and E. Could you tell me what key that would be in. Please help.
use string skipping, there are also notes out of the scale that play important roles, for example the note that is half step down B,D, A or A, especially A, because it is in the key of A, play open strings in the climax (fast part) if you have a second guitarist in your band make him do some part of the solo exactly like you just that in its 7th or something like that (4th, 5h, 7th or 8th), slides and legato might help and there are notes that sound really good when vibrato is done, in this case B (or C if you do the solo in the major scale) and the last part, wich is the thing i have trouble with, move through scales.