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What do I lunch?


You heard the man!

wait.. what?

On the subject, i eat different things all the time, it depends.
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Seeing as how I'm currently on a diet, I tend to eat diet food :/

But I love italian food when I get a chance... good burgers.. and good southern bbq
I like burritos from Salsa in Melbourne.

Failing that, my girlfriend works at Baker's Delight, so I always have a lot of bread.


And on occasion, I can haz cheezburga?!
I take it English isn't your first language. Hehe.

I always have the same things for lunch, most of the time. :/

Sausages, chips, fish, nothing fancy.
School food, or hotpockets, pizza rolls, taquitos, frozen pizza etc.

Today was nacho bar and it's making me salivate just thinking of it.
I lunch three slices of pizza, a chicken sandwich, two orange juices, and some oreos. Every day for about $10-12.
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Grilled sandwich, apple juice and a fruit cup is what I had for lunch today.

Baked potato is for dinner...I can smell it.
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Depends. Sometimes I'll eat canteen food from work, or go to the healthy-ish sandwich place down the road, but most commonly I go to this other (epic) sandwich bar where you can get a bap filled with roast pork, stuffing and crackling for three quid. Genius, I tell you, genius.
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I ussually lunchss.....DORITOS!!!!!
and I can haz m&m cookies?
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sandwich making lady has taken to saying "your usual?", so now I always get a white roll with egg mayonnaise, chicken tikka and peppers. I used to change it up a little from day to day, but now I'd feel rude

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pb & j. the only acceptable sandwich
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lol the op is cool. idc where ur from man u rock

soRRy what IS AN op?
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