i recently bought a marshall mg 100hdfx. i'm ashamed as a guitar player to have bought such a crappy amp. well i want to sell it and buy another amp. i'm either thinking of buying a vox fender or peavy but not sure which one would be the better choice. i wanna spend between 400-500$ and i play some metal, hard rock, and punk. any ideas? thank you
Which Peavey? Which Vox? Which Fender?

Most Fenders aren't known for metal or hard rock by themselves.
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From what you listed, Id probly go with Peavey, and Vox 2nd choice.
But it depends what model(s) youre looking at. If you go with Peavey, Id suggest the Valveking 112 for the price youre looking at
I'd say they're all pretty equal, so long as we're talking about a vintage fender deluxe reverb, a vintage vox ac30, and a vintage peavey mace.
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