This band is supposed to be very different. Not just one type of music is played. I'm recording my first full length(10 song) and the stuff is coming out pretty good. The album has some rock, punk, alt, grunge, blues/bluegrass, folk(dylan type stuff) and some acoustic pop. I'm also working on some industrial NIN's type stuff. Now adays with the iGeneration you really just can't put all your musical eggs in one basket so I thought I would play every genre I like to play. I see tons of metal guitarist say they like to play jazz on here. So have a jazz song. Even metallica plays skynard sometimes.

Take a look at my bio for some more info on me. Right now it's me playing everything but drums. "From the beginning" is from the sessions, it's just drums and guitar. I've got a killer bass line for it with cool lyrics. "Time after time" was done live on garageband and I'm redoing it in the studio. I had the flu when I sang it.

Any questions on gear, just ask, I have tons of fun little toys and you can see some of them in my pics section.

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