What if Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry teamed up with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr? It would be two of the greatest British invasion bands together! Its just something i want to throw out there.
yea and instead of ringo playing drums his son zak can play!
roger waters 9/8/06
the who 9/16/06
eric clapton 10/03/06
the who 12/2/06
Mika 6/13/07
Rush 6/27/07
Roger waters 7/10/07
Elton John 3/??/08
The Who 10/24/08
Iron Maiden 04/02/09
Iron Maiden 07/12/10
Townsend and Macca are great mates from what i have heard. Townsend played guitar on Macca's Press To Play album and have appeared with eachother in several benefits over the years, including Rockestra I believe in the late 70's which won Macca a Grammy.

Don't count on something like this to happen unless one day these guys are the only superstars left of their g-g-g-generation and they are asked to remind people what British rock and roll once was. It would be great to see though! Why not have both Zac and Ringo on drums?