Is Rondo Music a trusty place to buy equipment for through the net (the quality, prices, shipping times, etc.)?
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Though I haven't bought anything from them myself, they have a great reputation.
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Yea, the shop is basically a one man show. The guy who owns its name is Kurt and Ive dealt with him on many occasions. If the items not the quality you are looking for you can always return it hassle free. As for shipping and prices they can't be beat. Everything arrived at my house within around 3 days.
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i didn't like the packaging on my Agile Reaper i got from there, cos i don't think i could of got a case with it, but if its guitars your getting from there, get a case too & other than that it's spectacular
both my Agiles came already set up & tuned!

ALSO: if you're getting an Agile guitar - they are immaculate!!
better than some pro's guitars, at really cheap prices!
i live in the UK & i got both my Agiles w/ shipping & customs charges cheaper than getting what i originally wanted from within the UK!!
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I just don't like anything I can't try before buying.

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Definitely yes. I've bought two guitars from them so far. Not only are Agile great guitars, but Kurt is a really nice guy and very helpful to potential/existing customers. The first time I bought from them, my guitar was over a week late (UPS messed up, not Rondo's)...Kurt got a full refund from UPS for me...no questions asked.
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