From my experience, the amps with more speakers are a LITTLE louder and the tone shines through a LITTLE bit more. If you don't mind a slightly larger size and a barely noticeable increase in weight, go for the two speaker model.
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The 2x10 will be a tad bit puncher, carry more tone, and be perceptively louder. Also the 2x10 comes with casters so you don't have to lug it around or retrofit the 1x15 with them.
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if you play in drop tuning or have a five string then get the 115, if not then as mentioned earlier the 210 may be a tad better. (though it is a personal preference, i actually prefer the sound of a 115 to 210)
Dont get eithier of them, i had the rumble the 15 cant handle a low B, go check out oeavey, hartke, and ashdown.
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