so im trying to learn how to shred. i know its not exactly easy but im lookin for something thats not too hard. suggestions?
If you like metal, check out the band Death. Their solos have shredding but imo it's not too bad.
Umm...well, pentatonics aren't that hard. Three finger tapping is pretty easy too. And remember, legato is easier than picking every note.
Easy shredding= oxymoron.
Learn your scales, bucko. That's the biggest key.
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Dude, you mainly just need to practice the hell out of guitar. Being able to shred doesn't some from learning a song, it comes from hundreds of hours of hard work.
haha learn how to shred? dude just get good at techniques and scales and stuff and flip on some distortion and then you can shred
yep, learn up up and down the neck and then play em really fast and POOF your shreddin.

not much soul to it though. Just learn some music that you like to listen to and go from there.
crank up the overdrive, turn on the wah and mash random notes on the high e and suddenly your kirk hammet on death magnetic.


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yea dude its not easy. it takes time and a half outta you and your fingers. and lots of frustration.
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UG has a good guide on shredding. might wanna check that out.

I basically self-taught myself the guitar so...

If you want my suggestion, learn to play songs like burzum's "My Journey to the Stars". Its a fairly easy song for beginners, and good for building moderate speed. UG has a tab for that. If you don't have guitar pro, use tuxguitar. Its free and opens gp files.

Learn your legatos, slides, and economy picking. and use a good pick. I like dunlop jazz III or 3MM big stubbys. Those are best for shredding (imo). And for solos, try playing some Death solos as they are not as hard as say, necrophagist.
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crank up the overdrive, turn on the wah and mash random notes on the high e and suddenly your kirk hammet on death magnetic.

lol. couldnt have put it better myself.
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You are better off playing something that's slow, better, than you are "shredding" by playing something really fast. High BPM =/= shredding. If you can't play it slow, you can't play it fast, period.

Anyway, to get to the level that you want, I suggest learning your scales first. Go up and down them at the rate of speed that it doesn't sound like but. If you find yourself goofing up the scale at a low BPM, go lower. Alternate pick each note, no cutting corners by downstroking the whole thing. If the scale sounds good (IE: There are no miss-hit notes, notes that didn't ring out, notes that rang out that shouldn't have, etc) then repeat it at the same BPM 5 more times. If it's still fluent, you can then try and move up on BPM.

If you try and cut corners (not alternate picking, not making sure you can play it clean) you are only cheating yourself, because the moment you go to play the scale as fast as a "shredder" can, it's going to sound marginaly worse, because chances are he learned everything the right way.

Keep practicing, don't give up. Also, don't do JUST scales or drills. While they are the best at improving your guitar playing, they are also extremely boring. Try throwing in songs that add in what you are trying to learn. Example, the song "The wolf is loose" by Mastodon has a part in it where it uses the minor scale for the whole riff. It's a great way to do a drill, and learn a song to boot.
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An exercise which I've found as helped me, is trilling (alternating rapidly) between two notes.

For example, trill between your first and second finger.
Then, your first and third finger.
Then, your first and fourth finger.
Then, your second and third finger.
Then, your third and fourth finger.
Then, your second and fourth finger.

And whatever combinations you can come up with.
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