Is this a good beginners guitar for playing blues, alternative, punk and Eric Clapton stuff?? Whats the difference between this and the 310??

Anyways, I really want a Sunburst colored guitar, like the Fender Standard Strat. But I cant afford it now.. So any others??
I bought the g-400 as my third guitar. My first was a crappy no name, then I got a epi les paul special 2, then I bought the g-400. Great upgrade, feels so much better. Also don't buy the g310, its notas good as the g-400. I swapped out my pups, now it sounds even better. So yeah its a good beginning guitar for those genres as long as you have an amp with an overdrive channel, then you should be fine for now as a beginner.
There are hundreds of Strat copies. If anyone were to start listing them all, we'd be here forever. To get started though, try looking at Squier and Yamaha Strats.

As far as the G-400 goes, the difference between that and the G-310 are very important. The 310 is made as a bolt-on neck guitar, while the 400 is made with a set neck. The 310 has an alder body, the 400 has a mahogany body. For these two reasons alone, they sound and feel very different. It's a no contest, the 400 is a far better guitar than the 310.
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MIM strat isn't that much more than a G-400. Trust me you need a SSH strat for what you want to play. You'll wind up kicking yourself if you dont.

EDIT: Ok need is a strong word but the strat better suits it and will have better quality (Mexico > China)
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I have a 2005 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Chrome. If I get the Epiphone SG 400 will there be much sound difference?