As the title implies, I've come up with quite a few new songs since my last post here, but I don't like any of them quite as much as this one I started tonight. I'm just about done with the intro with this one, which is pretty simple riff-wise... but the riff's cool so I think it's fine.

Anyway, let me know what you think so far. I'm pretty happy with the solo. Thanks.

Oh, and C4C too.
Yet Another New Untitled Song gp4.zip
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it's good so far. i don't have any criticisms besides it's unfinished. good intro, i liked the bass playing the riff a little higher, and then the guitar came in. it's a cool riff, and i liked the solo too. like i said pretty short piece, so not much to crit. good song, keep working on it. it reminds me of doom 2 lol.

c4c? if you could check out trippy riff? or chill dorian song.
Not too shabby. As the guy above said, this is a great soundtrack tune. VERY reminiscent of the first 2 Doom games. That said, I'm a big fan of the music off of them and dig this so far. One gripe is that the solo is good, but it could use a little spicing up. The first descending run is great, but the space between it and the ascending run seems kind of dead. Try putting a little melody or hook in there to tie the 2 fast runs together.

Great job though. Would like to hear it again once you finish it.

Mind returning a crit?
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Nice thrashy sorta song. I'd have to say i basically agree with everyone in saying it sounds more like a soundtrack.

Everything on the solo guitar track was great.

Mind critting one in my sig? I'd prefer Blackened thrash...
Really catchy with the bass in the beginning and nice use of repitition with the guitars and bass continuing with the riff. The solo is really nice. Suits the genre. Can't wait to hear it finished
opening bassline was nice. Theres are good foundation here for a good song, but its too generic. The solos boring, yeah its fast, I wish I could play like that, but it didn't have anything that I will remember that particular solo for. The rythm is good but its a bit one dimensional. It needs progression, something more than just open e string on the meaty end. Nothing about this song is bad, but I'll forget it in about 10 minutes.

6/10 - There is definitely a good base to work on, but everything needs something more added to it, to make it stand, to make people stand up and pump their fists.

C4C - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1081916
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thanks, everyone. It kind of cracks me up that this reminds so many of Doom. Makes me want to play those games now, since it's been years since the last time I played one.

I'll get to the c4c's soon. Expect them no later than tomorrow. Thanks again.
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Sorry it's taken so long to reply to your crits, my computer's been a pain in the butt last couple days and hardly anything was working (GP5 was on the fritz too). I'm working on all of your crits right now. Thanks again.

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