I have a Mesa Boogie Triple Rec. with a marshall 1960a cab. The cab is loaded with GT12-75 celestions and has the option of 4 or 16 mono and 8 stero.

What connection do you think would be the best for this setup (far as impendance goes)

Right now it's 16 to 16 mono.

Any comments or tips would be appreciated.

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Hold on. You have a triple rec and you're asking such dumb questions? Man, read your manual.
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well, you could try running 4 ohms to 4ohms mono and see if it sounds any difference, just avoid mismatching

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Thanks. I was thinking about that. I'm just looking at opinions from others. I'm looking at the possibilties I have, and I'm wanting second opinions. Thanks.
I run mine at 4 omhs. I can't tell the difference in sound between the 16ohm setting and the 4ohm. It just means it has a lower resistance.