i want a tube amp solely for metal. I want it to be around 50W, and as i said i have about 1000 dollars. i want to know wat the best i can get for that price is.
Do you want a combo amp, or a cab. Not that much out there for $1000. save up some more $$$ and buy a Bogner uerschall, or Marshall JVM 800.
Most tube heads (which will be the best for metal) are greater than 50W. But sticking withing your needs, Mesa Single Rectifier will be your best bet.
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what world do you live in.

I could easily get a kick ass rig for 1000$

peavey 5150
bugera 6262
mesa rectifier combo
carvin V3
carvin legacy
B-52 ST
Peavey JSX

and youll still have enough for a descent guitar and some pedals in some cases.
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But at $1000 he's almost in the Framus Cobra range, which is above all of those amps.
Peavey 5150 combo
1989 Ibanez RG750
MXR 10 Band EQ
Dean MLX
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im drivin for a heavy tone, i was looking at the 6505+ but its just too loud
Buy an old 5150 head, and a Marshall cab (assuming you don't have a cab.) That'll be around 1000. Don't get a Mesa, they're overrated, and the tone is boring. I also have a JCM900, but I wouldn't recommend getting that, it's only good if you're teaming it up with another amp, otherwise it's weak--metal wise.
And since you want like 50 watts, just pull out 2 tubes from the 5150 and then you got 60. That's pretty dece.
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Framus cobras are 3000 dollars man

1grand for a metal amplifier?
How much gain and what kind of metal?
What type of voicing (british, american, german)?
Where do you live (state) and what major city/town do you live near?
i live in canada in kingston. between ottaw and toronto. i want a pretty high gain amp. i was looking at the krank jr. but i dont think i want that. are attenuators a good option?
Well I'm talking about a used Cobra. Just the head can be had for around $1300 if you're really lucky, if my memory serves me well.
Peavey 5150 combo
1989 Ibanez RG750
MXR 10 Band EQ
Dean MLX
Spider III 15W
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GAS list:
TC Nova Repeater
Here's some stuff dude. There are a few obvious killer choices here.

Mesa Blue Angel combo $950 (not sure how heavy it can get)

Peavey Ultra + head and cab $1000

Marshall JCM 2000 DSL $500 (not my thing but a good price)

Randall RG80 + cab $450

5150 $775

Also, are you playing the guitar in your clips? And how in the hell do you get thousands of plays on your clips with only 84 views? Take 'em down if it's not you. Just a heads up.
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dude, trust me, you dont need to worry that much about getting a 50 watt amp. just get whatever will be good, metal doesnt require much powertube saturation. the peavey ultra plus with the cabinet would be very good

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OK - why was the 6505 too loud? Was it that you couldn't find a usable home volume? Since you need some volume I think it would be perfect for a heavy tone.
Anyway - I found this.

http://ottawa.en.craigslist.ca/msg/1054169214.html Carvin Legacy head - switchable to 50 watts. It's not as high a gain head as the 6505 so it's a matter of taste. Pretty good deal at $800 in Canada. You would need a cab with speakers, but halfway decent speaker cabs can be had used for $200.