AJ Minette is my favorite guitarist and I love the Human Abstract. Does anyone know any sites or anything that have info about AJ (like what hes planning to do or if he has any new music pieces or anything like that)
I'm pretty sure he's gone to music school or is taking lessons to learn classical, nylon-stringed acoustic music. I don't think he's actively making original music.

I could be wrong though. Great guitarist, by the way.
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I always thought he'd finished classical training, as in music school and all that. But I could be wrong. And I think that he's probably playing around his local areas, classical music. Which would still be amazing to see, hell, maybe even better. I don't know if anyone here knows Jose Lezcano, but I saw him up close and personal, and he's miles ahead of what the guys who play metal can do. (Sorry if you won't agree, but that includes AJ) and I think that is the direction that AJ is taking with his music now. (obviously not because of Jose, though he is world famous, just not world renown)