root notes? maybe? follow the guitar?
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root notes? maybe? follow the guitar?

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TS, try looking at some tabs and listening to a bunch of his playing to get a feel for what scales he tends to use. Also, in a less condecending way I'd also suggest taking a look/listen at the guitar lines, they'll help you learn also.
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You can't just learn a scale and sound like a certain player. That's not how it works. Learn some of his material and pick out common patterns.
He plays major and minor, as far as I know. He plays the root note and then a little fiddle in the scale before going to the next root note.
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he does alot of minor pentatonic fills. chuck in some major and minor scales as well.
his hair is far better than his skills :P
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Duff can hardly be considered a root noter.
It's him that makes G'N'R interesting in my opinion.

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My band does a ton of old Gn'R. He does have particular patterns he gravitates to, usually quick licks to accent the root note. Often times he will start a run an octave up and just work back to the lower root with a blues scale. He will throw in some off the wall minor stuff every now and again. His lines in Sweet Child of Mine are pretty typical of his work. Simple but effective.