My brothers voice. Here is a video of him auditioning for karaoke star junior, in Halifax, Nova Scotia :


He's only 12 years old, but kid's got a hell of a voice for his age. He deserves to win this competition. If any of you are bothered to care, you may vote once the show airs on CMT on april 27th.

Trust me, he can sing alot more than rascal flatts, that was one of the only five songs they offered for the audition, he nailed it.

Tell me what you guys think of his vocal abilitieeessss.
No Money, No Honey.
i thunk it was purty good.

But yeah, i liked it.
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He has a pretty good voice for a 12 year old, but he should consider developing it more.
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i think the stage presence part of it will develop soon enough, he's a pretty laid back kid. and developing his voice will just take time, really, he's only been singing for about a year or so. good start id say
No Money, No Honey.