What's the best way to find new bands, artists and musical genres I want to listen to without wasting a lot of time? I'm currently/have always been into classic rock and alternative stuff, but I want to get into blues, classical, and more and better alternative stuff. How do you discover new music, UG?
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My friends tell me about them, and so i go home and look them up on youtube.
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just type in a song or band you like and it will give you a playlist full of songs that are similar
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Well I listen to a crapload of Indie Rock, indie, and britpop and Post punk. Honestly, I just look on NME or google ''Bands that sound like ____'' and I just look around on forums and my friends sometimes have decent musical tastes.
One of my friends is always recommending new Indie bands to me.
Other than that, I don't really find new music. PT is all I need.

IF you want to find new music, you could always click the link in my sig...
Friends, pandora, youtube, google, AMAZON especially.
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friends --> youtube, if good --> limewire
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Well I usually remeber a song I like by a band so I see if I like their other songs , also friends, and just randomly finding bands sometimes.
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On more current music, the record label one of your favorite bands is signed with. Check out the website, and listen to some artists.
Friends, Movie soundtracks/ T.V., Radio, Interwebz, basically alot of sources but mostly friends
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Well, I used to get informed of new bands by one of my friends, but we've stopped talking. UG is actually my main source of finding new stuff.
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A lot of times I end up finding new bands from youtube or pandora. None of my friends even like the same kind of music as me, besides my cousin, so I'm on my own I guess.
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Wow, I haven't heard of Pandora until 5 minutes ago, and the first two songs it played were Ramble on and Wish You Were Here...... **** yeah
My friend (metal musical elitist) tells me that X band is better than whatever garbage I listen to, and I go and look it up on youtube.

Or last.fm
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Pandora is how I fell in love with bands like Ten Years After, Whitesnake, Europe, Skid Row, and Motley Crue. I used to hate all of those bands (except I didn't know about Ten Years After) before I was opened to their good songs
Last.fm FTW!

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Go to the biography of bands you like on itunes & look at influences, contemporaries & followers of tht band
or go to their myspace and look at bands on their top
or just try to keep an open mind and start searching genres on myspace
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I usually find new bands searching in the "Related Videos" while searching for a notably good song to my liking, on Youtube...
[infinite]+[/infinite] to all who said last.fm. On it now. (As always when on the PC) Also, friends.
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Here, myspace, lastfm, and friends who like good music.
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Word of mouth, demo trading, UG, last.fm, various other websites and wedzines.
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