I searched for it, a guy had a Vista GuitarPort problem, but not the same one.

I bought a new laptop (old one was Lenovo N3000 C100 or something with XP SP2), now I have an HP HDX18 Vista x64.

I have all the original software backed up on a hard drive for GuitarPort and I downloaded the drivers from Line6.com for compatibility with 64bit Vista. I installed it, and went through the installation process for the drivers, but it wouldn't recognize the drivers still. It also didn't recognize the drivers when I ran it as Administrator as well as Compatibility XP SP2 (though that seems contradictory).

I also use GuitarPort software, not RiffWorks or GearBox but the program is actually just "GuitarPort" (I find it a lot better, just my opinion).

Is there any way I can get this to work on my new setup? I mean there has to be, I'm just not seeing it.