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i might get this gallien krueger cabinet, my question: is it good, dependable, all that jazz

heres the link:


Their low end stuff like that is garbage. That's my two bits. fairly dependable, but it doesn't sound good at all. I'm currently playing through a backline 2*10 and I hate it.
I've tried most of their cheap cabs in store and never been impressed.
becuase i'm buying it off craigslist, and the cheap one was about $100
I've played through them a few times at Guitar Center and they aren't that bad for the price, but you can do better. I'd recommend either getting one of the GK Goldline Series cabs or one of the RBX Series. The RBX may be out of your price range but the addition of a horn really makes it worth it.


Look into Peavey cabs also, they have a lot of bang for the buck.
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